Bitcoin Pizza Day!

Bitcoin Pizza Day!
May 4th through June 1st
@countryside_gallery would like to invite you to our annual celebration of everything bitcoin & pizza!
Artist Exhibition featuring the works of Cypherpunk aka Martin Fisher & Tommy Marcheshi.
Transforming memes and historical milestones of pre-hyperbitcoinization era into collages, combining digital pixels and vintage woodcuts.
Bitcoin prints, pizza and more...
Manually Screen-printing, colour by colour, acrylic on paper, small series, large format, numbered and signed.
Each print is provided with a digital certificate of authenticity, stored on the bitcoin blockchain via Verisart.
2 South State Street
Newtown Pennsylvania 18940
Sunday - Monday 11am - 4pm
Tuesday - Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday - Saturday 10am - 7pm
Displayed artwork will be viewable at our 2 South Street location from May 4th through June 1st.

215 968-2246
2 South State Street, Newtown, PA, 18940
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